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Do you have an annoying relative, co-worker or acquaintance that still tenaciously clings to the erroneous belief that humans are causing global warming?

Then put them out of your misery by giving them a copy of "The Sky Is Not Falling - Putting Climate Change on Trial"

Bruno Wiskel combines his geological background and years as an expert witness to give you a climate change narrative with a twist! Written in the style of a crime scene investigation, Bruno combines science and humour in a manner that is so comprehensible, even he can understand it. In this book, Bruno does what Al Gore is afraid to: puts climate change on trial.

You can watch 13,000 years of deglaciation in less than 30 seconds in the animated short below. Surprising as this may seem, this low tech feature was taken directly from the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) open file 1574 by Dyke, A.S., Moore, A. and Robertson, L. We put in a reference list just to show the University of East Anglia that it could be done.

Play animation of deglaciation! (Please allow 10 seconds pause before animation starts).

The point of this video is to illustrate that for the last 18,000 years, glacial ice has been melting and sea levels have been rising despite the fact that for 99.5% of that time, human production of carbon dioxide played little part.

That's why it is so easy for Bruno to put his winning streak (of never having lost a single litigation in environmental law) on the line. In order to precisely and concisely present his case, he illustrates each point with a myriad of photographs, and by fanning the pages of the book provides a cinematic short demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt that humans are not causing global warming.

In “The Sky Is Not Falling- Putting Climate Change On Trial” you get to be judge, jury and executioner. Read it, and you will never again believe that mankind is causing climate change.

***Al Gore Trivia*** Did you know that while Al Gore's Bell Meade Mansion is twice the size of Bruno's 5500 square foot home, it uses more than 51 times the natural gas, and 14 times the electricity? Yet Bruno's house is located 3500 km further north. Who is the hypocrite? Al, for preaching conservation and practicing consumption, or Bruno, for telling the truth and practicing conservation?

To find out how Bruno does it, check out his course "Building An Energy Efficient Home for Less" in the course section (left menu).

Can't Read? Environmentalists can order a DVD of the keynote address Bruno gave to a 1000+ standing room only crowd at the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists technical luncheon (November 6, 2007) by clicking on the "DVDs by Bruno" on the left menu.


I loved your latest. It puts the whole situation in prospective in a presentation that is easily understandable by the layman. It would be great for distribution to High Schools. Charles Simpson, Calgary

I enjoyed reading it, and I appreciate your sense of humour. You make your point very well, and the presentation method excellent. So are the photographs. Lynda Dredge - Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa


For our friends outside of Canada please call 1-780-689-2944

In Edmonton, Alberta you can buy "The Sky Is Not Falling" at Greenwoods Bookshoppe, Ltd., at 7925 104 Street (phone 780-439-2005) or
Audrey's Books, Ltd., 10702 Jasper Avenue NW (phone 780-423-3487).

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Spice Up Your Next Conference

Got a group that wants to hear the other side of the global warming debate? Using scientific logic and a few laughs, Bruno dispels every misconception you've ever had about climate change. After listening to this presentation, you will never again believe human behaviour is responsible for it.

Watch the science that Al Gore forgot to mention in Bruno's dynamic presentation "The Sky Is Not Falling - Putting Climate Change on Trial". Bruno not only agrees that global warming is happening, but uses the rock record to prove that it has been happening for the last 18,000 years: far longer than humans have had a written language let alone carbon producing industries.

Roughly following the same format as Bruno's blockbuster book "The Sky is Not Falling - Putting Climate Change on Trial", Bruno combines his talents as a professional geologist (Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta with his propensity as a professional speaker (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) to provide a presentation of orgasmic intensity.

"The Sky Is Not Falling" is an eye-opening expose that uses scientific principles to disprove each and every myth that the world's Chicken Little's have used to scare you into thinking we are soon going to cause a fiery death to the planet.

Sometimes humorous, always entertaining, Bruno uses the magic of scientific logic to diligently and emphatically disprove pretty well everything Al Gore and his pals are trying to slip by as "science"

If you are tired of the same old monotonous after-dinner speaker at your functions, you might want to consider Bruno to wake up the pyrogy-stuffed crowd.

With presentations described as "Wildly entertaining," "Hit of the evening," and "One of the most appropriate and informative evenings that I have enjoyed in a long time," it's a small wonder that Bruno has been working his magic at 20+ events a year across Canada.

As a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Bruno has spoken to professional associations, environmental groups, and executive boards throughout Canada.


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