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The Joy Of Farming

This motivational talk for agricultural organizations is an eclectic mix of one part biography, one part innovation and one part Technicolor dream, at times stirring, but never shaken. Served on a bed of real life experience with a side of agricultural revelation, it is spiced to perfection with a dash of humour and a pinch of hope for tomorrow.

If you are tired of the same old monotone after-dinner speaker at your next agricultural function, then you may want to consider Bruno Wiskel to wake up the pyrogy stuffed crowd.

With presentations described as "Wildly Entertaining", "Hit of the evening" and "One of the most appropriate and informative evening that I have enjoyed in a long time", its a small wonder that Bruno Has been working his magic at 20+ events a year across Western Canada.

As a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, (CAPS), Bruno has spoken in front of agricultural service boards, producer associations, diversification of agriculture seminars, woodlot organizations, farm woman's conferences and gardening clubs, and that was just in the last year.

Bruno also give a series of workshops specifically tailored for the agriculture industry that are ideal as breakout sessions at your next ag conference. Courses include "The Rural Millionaire - 21 Secrets to Marketing Agricultural Products", "Diversify or Die", and "The Art of Successful Negotiating".

The Sky Is Not Falling

Got a group that wants to hear the other side of the Global Warming Debate? Using scientific logic and a few laughs, Bruno dispels every misconception you ever had about climate change. After listening to this presentation, you will never again believe that human behavior is the main cause of global warming.

This bullet proof dissertation even includes Bruno's short movie "The Convenient Truth - The Deglaciation of North America". A movie so compelling, so absorbing that audiences roar for more.

"The Sky Is Not Falling" is an eye opening expose' that uses logical scientific principles to disprove each and every myth that the world's Chicken Little's have used to scare you into thinking that we are going to cause a fiery death to the planet sometime soon.

Roughly following the same format as Bruno's blockbuster book "The Emperor's New Climate - Debunking the Myth's of Global Warming", Bruno Wiskel combines his talents as a professional geologist (Association of Professional Enigineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta - APEGGA) with his propensity as a professional speaker (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers - CAPS) to provide a presentation of orgasmic intensity.

Sometimes humerous, always entertaining, Bruno uses the magic of logical scientific thought to diligently and emphatically disprove the following myth's.

  1. That carbon dioxide is the most important greenhouse gas
  2. That global warming started in 1750 as a result of human produced greenhouse gasses.
  3. That humans are responsible for global warming
  4. That global warming is the result from the increase of greenhouse gasses.
  5. That global warming will cause more violent weather.
  6. That global warming will cause mass extintions.
  7. That the Kyoto accord was implemented to stop global warming
  8. That the Kyoto accord will stop the global increase of carbon dioxide.
  9. That signing the Kyoto accord was economically and politically good for Canada.
  10. That the Canadian participation in Kyoto will help reduce global warming.
  11. That Global warming is bad for Canada.
  12. That scientists are in agreement of causes and effect of global warming.
  13. That scientists and politicians are committed to reducing their own greenhouse gasses.
  14. Using alternative energy is better than using fossil fuel.
  15. Planting trees will stop the rise of greenhhouse gasses.
  16. That global warming will cause a sea level rise that will flood Canada's coastlines.

Can't attend the seminar, then pick up a copy of Bruno's book "The Emperor's New Climate - Debunking the Myth's of Global Warming" Available on this website.

Time To Get Growing

Focused towards gardening clubs, horticultural associations and landscape organizations this high energy and humourous presentation has included everything from building an energy efficient home for less to planting a vineyard.

Bruno's gardening/horticulture column "Time To Get Growing" has appears in four north central Alberta weekly newspapers "Athabasca Advocate, Barrhead Leader, Lac La Biche Post and Westlock News) for the past three years. As well, running a business that includes a market garden, tree nursery, greenhouse, landscape design and landscape construction has given Bruno a wide range of technical knowledge combined with hands on experience. Check out his horticulture blog at

Bruno's presentations are not only educational, but they are a whole lot of fun as well. Whether relating a funny anecdote or just punning around, Bruno lives by the credo "An audience cannot learn anything while it is sleeping". His performances have wowed the crowds from Edmonton to Fort McMurray and just about everyplace in between.

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